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Subsidiarity of ECHR and O’Keeffe v Ireland: A Response to Hardiman

Dr Conor O’Mahony Yesterday’s conference on Judges, Politics and the Irish Constitution, hosted by DCU School of Law and Government, was a superb event with a stellar array of speakers. It started with a bang at the first plenary session, … Continue reading

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Judicial Appointments

Dr Laura Cahillane Since the proposal to establish a new Court of Appeal has been approved, work will now begin on the detail involved in establishing such an institution. Essential to the establishment of the new court will be the … Continue reading

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Judicial Independence and the Current Controversy

Dr Laura Cahillane Controversy erupted this week when Mr Justice Peter Kelly was reported to have told a group of business leaders that judicial independence was being demolished “brick by brick” by the Government, apparently mentioning the Government’s handling of … Continue reading

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Judge Heather Perrin and the question of judicial discipline and removal

District Court Judge Heather Perrin was today found guilty of deception by a jury in the circuit criminal court. The former solicitor was found to have deceptively induced Mr Thomas Davis to bequeath half of his estate to Perrin’s children, … Continue reading

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