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The Officer, the Master, the President and the Chief: Supreme Court Unhappy at Signing of Marriage Equality Bill

Dr Conor O’Mahony The recent unsuccessful legal challenge to the outcome of the marriage referendum threw up some interesting points of discussion, and not all of them related to the outlandish nature of the arguments made by the petitioners. From … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Crowds: Legal Opinions on Surrogacy, DAHR and the Marriage Referendum

Dr Conor O’Mahony The campaign around the referendum on marriage equality has seen technical argument around the interpretation of the Irish Constitution rear its head in places it is not often seen, whether in the media, the barroom or the … Continue reading

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The Constitution, the Right to Procreate and the Marriage Referendum

Dr Conor O’Mahony During a debate about the forthcoming Marriage Equality referendum on Sunday’s Marian Finucane Show, the following claim was made by Patrick Treacy (at 6.20 minutes in): “The core of the issue is this: Frances Fitzgerald and Leo … Continue reading

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The Revised Irish Wording for the Marriage Referendum – An Analysis

Dr Seán Ó Conaill The Government has decided to revise the Irish wording for the Marriage Referendum after criticism over the first version published. In preparing the first draft particular wording and phrasings were used in an effort to avoid … Continue reading

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Teasc Gaeilge an Reifrinn Posta

Dr Seán Ó Conaill Leagan Béarla Anseo / An English Language Version of this piece can be found here Tá an-chuid plé faoin leagan Gaeilge den fhoclaíocht den Reifreann Posta le déanaí tar don phíosa seo a bheith san Irish Times. … Continue reading

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