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Supreme Court Judgment in the Jordan Case and the Childrens’ Referendum

  Dr Seán  Ó Conaill The Supreme has today unanimously rejected a challenge taken by a private citizen which stemmed from the Childrens’ Referendum which was held in 2012 but which could not yet fully become part of the law … Continue reading

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The Constitution, the Right to Procreate and the Marriage Referendum

Dr Conor O’Mahony During a debate about the forthcoming Marriage Equality referendum on Sunday’s Marian Finucane Show, the following claim was made by Patrick Treacy (at 6.20 minutes in): “The core of the issue is this: Frances Fitzgerald and Leo … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Relaxes Exclusionary Rule – Latest Shift in a Finely Balanced Debate

Dr Conor O’Mahony Today, the Supreme Court ruled by a majority of 4-3 that evidence obtained in criminal cases in breach of constitutional principles need not automatically be excluded at trial. On one level, this is a radical shift from … Continue reading

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