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Irish Unification: Processes and Considerations

Professor Oran Doyle Editors’ Note: This post is part of an IACL-AIDC Blog Symposium on unification of the island of Ireland. The Symposium is co-hosted by the IACL-AIDC Blog and the Constitution Project @ UCC Blog. Selected posts will also be … Continue reading

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Constitutional Change and the 2020 General Election Party Manifestos

  Dr Seán Ó Conaill Politicians are no strangers to occasionally shouting about the Constitution either proposing a referendum and constitutional change to fix a topical issue (such as the level of personal injury awards ) or, more usually for … Continue reading

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Roe v Wade and Ireland’s Eight Amendment: Two Stories about the Limits of Constitutional Rights

Anthony Kennelly Most countries have written constitutions, which usually provide human rights guarantees.  In many such countries, issues like abortion generate deep disagreement about rights, and are frequently ‘constitutionalised’, i.e they become issues of constitutional law. (For a discussion of … Continue reading

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