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At Constitution Project @ UCC, we plan to begin publishing periodic bulletins on the latest Irish constitutional scholarship. The aim is to provide a resource that brings together a comprehensive list of the latest scholarship on the Irish Constitution, including web links to online publications where available. This will raise awareness of the many publications in the area by making it easier to access the material and collating details of publications that are scattered across multiple international outlets. Please get in touch (conor.omahony [at] with details of errors and omissions.

The first bulletin covers publications in 2015. The first half of 2016 will follow shortly, and bulletins will be issued 2-3 times a year thereafter. Happy reading!


Citation Keywords Web Links
Ivana Bacik, “A Feminist Review of the Law on Abortion” in Fischer, C. and McAuliffe, M. (eds), Irish Feminisms: Past, Present and Future (Dublin: Arlen House, 2015), pp.147-168


Abortion; Eighth Amendment  
Caroline Bergin-Cross, “The Evolution of the Definition of Family and Marriage under the Irish Constitution” (2015) 18(2) Irish Journal of Family Law 39-43


Family; Marriage  
Laura Cahillane, “Ireland’s System for Disciplining and Removing Judges” (2015) 38(1) Dublin University Law Journal


Eoin Carolan, “Ireland’s Constitutional Convention: Behind the hype about citizen-led constitutional change” (2015) 13(3) International Journal of Constitutional Law 733-748


Constitutional reform [Published Version]
Conor Casey and Dáire McCormack-George, “An Analysis of the Right to Shelter in Irish Law for Children and Adults” (2015) 54 Irish Jurist 131-154


Economic and social rights  
Eoin Daly, “Tolerance, recognition and educational patronage: Ireland’s constitutional politics of school choice” in I. Honohan and N. Rougier (eds.), Tolerance and diversity in Ireland, North and South (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2015)


Education; religious freedom  
Peter Dunne, “Civil Partnership in an Ireland of Equal Marriage Rights” (2015) 53 Irish Jurist 77-99


Family; Marriage  
Oran Doyle, “Conventional Constitutional Law” (2015) 38(2) Dublin University Law Journal 311-330


Constitutional conventions  
Fiona de Londras, “Constitutionalizing Fetal Rights: A Salutary Tale from Ireland” (2015) 22(2) Michigan Journal of Gender and Law 243-289


Abortion; Eighth Amendment [Published Version] [Open Access]
Alan Greene, “Questioning executive supremacy in an economic state of emergency” (2015) 35(4) Legal Studies 594-620


Separation of powers [Published Version]
Tom Hickey, “Revisiting Ryan v Lennon to Make the Case against Judicial Supremacy (and for a New Model of Constitutionalism in Ireland)” (2015) 53 Irish Jurist 125-153


Judicial review; separation of powers  
Gerard Hogan, David Kenny, and Rachael Walsh, “An Anthology of Unconstitutionality” (2015) 54 Irish Jurist 1-30


Judicial review  
Clara Hurley, “Case Note: PP v Health Services Executive” (2015) 18 Trinity College Law Review 205-213


Eighth Amendment  
James Kane, “Civil Liability for Exploiting Trafficking Victims? A Speculative Application of Meskell v CIE?” (2015) 54 Irish Jurist 57-78


Horizontal enforcement; trafficking  
Clare Elizabeth Kelly, “Ireland and Judicial (In)Dependence in Light of the Twenty-Ninth Amendment to the Constitution” (2015) 18 Trinity College Law Review 15-41


Meg MacMahon, “All Changed, Changed Utterly: The Marriage Equality Referendum and the Children and Family Relationships Act 2015” (2015) 18(4) Irish Journal of Family Law 95-100


Family; Marriage  
Patricia McKenna, “Fair Referendum Campaigns in the Light of Recent Court Decisions” (2015) 14 Hibernian Law Journal 56-74


Constitutional reform; referendums  
Ben Mitchell, “Process Equality, Substantive Equality and Recognising Disadvantage in Constitutional Equality Law” (2015) 53(1) Irish Jurist 36-57


Andrea Mulligan, “Maternal brain death and legal protection of the foetus in Ireland” (2015) 15(2-3) Medical Law International 182-195


Eighth Amendment [Published Version]
Conor O’Mahony, “The Constitutionality of the Children and Family Relationships Bill” (2015) 18(1) Irish Journal of Family Law 3-8


Family; Marriage  
David Prendergast, “The Conventionality of Constitutional Law” (2015) 38(2) Dublin University Law Journal 441-446


Constitutional Conventions  
Fergus Ryan, “Ireland’s Marriage Referendum: A Constitutional Perspective”, DPCE Online, 2015-2


Marriage; referendums [Open Access]



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