Call for Papers: Inaugural Conference of the British and Irish Chapter of the International Society of Public Law (ICON-S)

Trinity College Dublin

4-5 September 2017

ICON-S is founded on a recognition that a full explication and understanding of today’s “constitutional” cannot take place in isolation from other branches of public law or in a context that is exclusively national. The same is true for these other branches too. Public law, as a field of knowledge that transcends these dichotomies, thus deserves our renewed intellectual attention. In the same vein, the divide between law and political science has become porous too. Some of the finest insights on public law come from social scientists deeply cognizant of law; also, is there any legal scholarship that does not make at least some use of the theoretical and empirical understandings and methodologies external to the legal discipline, stricto sensu?

In this spirit, the British and Irish Chapter of ICON-S issues an open call for papers and panels related to public law in the broadest sense.

The establishment of this regional Chapter of ICON-S comes at an important moment in the constitutional relationships between Ireland, Britain and Europe. The theme of the conference is “Constitutional Relations after Brexit”. Brexit dominates the political and legal landscape in Europe. Within the UK, Brexit heralds a period of radical constitutional change. It will not only transform the UK’s relationship with the EU and its Member States, with effects reaching deep within the United Kingdom legal order, but may also bring about a new phase in the constitutional relationship between London and the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In Northern Ireland, the shadow of Brexit looms large. The special constitutional relationship between the United Kingdom and Ireland in respect of Northern Ireland – enshrined in the Good Friday Agreement – must adapt to the post-Brexit reality. For the European Union, Brexit requires the re-defining of the constitutional relationship between the 27 remaining Member States and the United Kingdom after over forty years of ever-deeper integration.

Professor Deirdre Curtin (EUI) will deliver the keynote address to the conference: ‘The Constitutional Structure of EU-27: A Europe of Bits and Pieces?’

Professor Peter Leyland (SOAS), Professor Aileen McHarg (Strathclyde) and Professor Colm O’Cinneide (UCL) will participate in a plenary panel discussion of the conference theme.

The remainder of the conference, which will run from the morning of Monday 4 September to lunchtime on Tuesday 5 September, will consist of parallel panels. The panels may be related or unrelated to the conference theme.

Panel proposals and paper proposals should be emailed to by Friday 30 June. Paper proposals should consist of an abstract of no more than 250 words. Panel proposals should consist of a panel blurb (again no more than 250 words) and abstracts for each proposed paper within the panel. Decisions will be made and notified by mid-July. Participation in the conference will require membership of ICON-S but this is not a precondition for submission of a paper or panel proposal.

For further information, please consult the website of the British and Irish Chapter at or email us at

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