Presentations from the Children’s Amendment Seminar

Constitution Project @ UCC co-hosted a public information Seminar with the Child Law Clinic on the 18th October. Professor Ursula Kilkelly began the Seminar by giving an overview of children’s rights and providing a context to the current amendment. Dr Conor O’Mahony then provided a detailed explanation of the current provisions in the Constitution relating to child and family rights and also explained the proposed provision and the effect it would have if accepted. Dr Aisling Parkes provided an insight into adoption law in Ireland and the possible effects of the amendment as well as explaining the concept of the voice of the child. A question and answer session followed where all speakers clarified the legal meaning of the proposed amendment. The consesus was that the wording is a little disappointing in that it does not go as far as the previous draft wording and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child but it at least has a great symbolic importance and  that if accepted, much will depend on how the wording will be interpreted in future court cases.

Presentations are available here:

Ursula Kilkelly Oct 18 2012

Conor O’Mahony Oct 18 2012

Aisling Parkes Oct 18 2012



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